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The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s (AVSAB) Position Statements on:

Recommended Reading:
The Culture Clash - by Jean Donaldson - About the clash between dog and human culture this book is written in a fun, easy to read style and jam packed with training information. If you read just one dog book, make it this one!
Don't Shoot the Dog - by Karon Pryor - Overview of the science of learning
Life Skills for Puppies - by Helen Zulch & Daniel Mills - If you just got a puppy THIS is the book for you.

"I Speak Dog" - A website devoted to teaching you how to better understand your dog

The Muzzle Up Project: - Advocacy, training, and education regarding the use of muzzles in dog training

Families and Dogs - Bite prevention & Safety:

Recommended Gear

No-pull Harnesses
Freedom Harness - Must be ordered online - lots of color choices, has a back clip option and the lower strap is padded to protect the dog from potential chafing.
Halti or Gentle Leader - Available at most pet stores these are Head Harnesses for excessive pullers. Many dogs dislike the feeling of the nose loop so ask Renata about how to condition your dog to love it.

Car Harness
Sleepypod - clickit-sport - The only crash tested harness to earn safety certification.

Bait Bags (Treat pouches)
Rapid Rewards - Favored among professional trainers
French Spring Hinge Bait Bag - Hand Made on Etsy

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