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    Renata Di Battista grew up around parrots, dogs, and cats. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science and a Masters of Science in Biodiversity. She has volunteered for the Sacramento Animal Shelter at Bradshaw and walked dogs with Midtown Mutts in Sacramento.  
  • Renata firmly believes in training dogs through positive reinforcement and enrichment. She guides dogs to be successful in a variety of environments, using reward based methods, making the training experience upbeat.
  • Renata began dog training as an assistant in a working dog program in 2013. She is committed to continuing her education through seminars and workshops as well as hands on experience.

  • Renata now owns and operates Walkie Doggies in Solano County, providing private dog training, dog walking, and pet sitting services. A member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers  (APDT), she strives to make training a fun, engaging, and positive experience for owners, handlers, and dogs alike. 

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